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Maternity Cardigan

Luxurious comfort, amazing functionality

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goodbody goodmommy maternity running leggings featured in women's running magazine

“These pants offer support that feels so gentle, you won’t realize how much they’re helping until you take them off," Erin Beresini,  Women's Running

"I love how these leggings meet the 'bend over' criteria too. They’re very opaque," Kristina Williams, Dear November Days

"...the bonus is you can sit comfortably in these leggings while wearing them (which you cannot do in a support belt for long periods of time)," Mary, The Mom Friend blog

The Easiest Nursing Cover Ever

Wear it, don't pack it!

Snuggle Your Baby

In the softest fabric

The Perfect Layering Piece

If you're pregnant, postpartum, or just love a great, flowy cardigan

The Most Versatile Cardigan

For any mom who's on the go