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Welcome to goodbody goodmommy! I'm Erin, the CEO, and I'm so excited you're here! Creating comfortable, functional maternity clothing has been a dream of mine since I was pregnant with my first of three children in 2012. 

I was a marathon runner before having kids and I was determined to continue running and exercising during pregnancy. But I couldn't find supportive, comfortable running clothes that fit during pregnancy. I tried different brands, I tried different sizes. But the market was lacking what I wanted. By my second pregnancy in 2014, I knew I needed to create the products I couldn't find. 

I teamed up with a friend, Melissa, a midwife who had listened to hundreds of women tell her how they couldn't find the perfect maternity clothing.  We discussed over wine one evening and goodbody goodmommy was born! 

Today goodbody goodmommy creates maternity clothing that's designed with the pregnant athlete in mind, but versatile enough to be worn anywhere - to ensure you get the most for their money. We create items that you can wear during pregnancy and after, like our Multitasking Cardigan, and some that are specifically designed for support during pregnancy, like our leggings. And while my dream started with running clothes, our line of clothing can accompany your anywhere -- not just on a run!

I'm so happy you decided to check out goodbody goodmommy. Please follow us on our journey, and don't be a stranger - we love hearing from you!