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Maternity Legging with belly support being modeled.
maternity leggings with belly support being shown with a cardigan. The goodbody goodmommy leggings.
Showing the maternity leggings with support - a picture of the support belt that goes under a pregnant belly.
Maternity activewear. A shot of the goodbody goodmommy maternity leggings with support from the side view.
A picture of the maternity legging with belly support from the front view. The goodbody goodmommy legging.
A picture of the back of the goodbody goodmommy high support maternity leggings

The High Support Maternity Leggings

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Meet the maternity leggings Runner's World raved about! The best maternity legging with belly support. 
The High Support Maternity Leggings is our legging design that will provide you with the most support during pregnancy. These patented maternity leggings with support are the only maternity activewear on the market with a built-in supportive belt.
This adjustable belt offers support under your belly for anything from working out to walking around town to chasing after a toddler. It can help alleviate lower back pain and pelvic pressure. 

These goodbody goodmommy leggings are made from super soft, non see-through, extremely breathable fabric. It's soft and just slightly compressive. The inseam on the High Support legging is 28 inches. 

The High Support leggings were designed for working out, but the fabric is totally matte, so they look great as regular leggings when paired with a tunic and booties, too! Perfect for anytime you need support, wherever that may be: working on your feet all day, Orange Theory or a four mile run in the park.
The belt on the High Support Leggings is firmer and wider than the All-Day leggings to offer more intense support and help further lift the belly to alleviate pain in the lower back. The fabric is slightly compressive, which can aid in circulation during pregnancy. 

These leggings have a patent from the USPTO and are made with love in the USA.

Size Guide: 

Small: 2-6

Medium: 8-10

Large: 12-14

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